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Eating Disorder Recovery StoriesAnorexia and Bulimia Recovery Stories

Those who have shared their eating disorder recovery stories here know how difficult, and even impossible, recovery can seem. They can relate to giving up, losing important things in their lives, feeling others don’t understand, and being afraid of a life without the eating disorder. Even so, they still recovered from anorexia and bulimia. May these eating disorder recovery stories inspire you in your own recovery.

Anorexia Recovery Story

My Journey to Freedom by Laurie Glass

Christian Anorexia Recovery Story - Laurie GlassI was anorexic for 6 years as an adult. It started following a series of losses, difficult circumstances, and years of dealing with undiagnosed health problems. In addition, I’d been giving and giving to others. Over time, I felt worn on all levels. I tried to tell others this was a difficult time for me, but they didn’t have anything to say. I tried talking to a couple of different counselors and each of them just made things worse. Feeling everything inside and around me was out of control, I sought control by limiting my food intake. I knew what I was doing, but I felt powerless to stop it. I didn’t take it seriously at first and reasoned I would just do it temporarily to get through a difficult time. I was already depressed and suicidal, and for a time I saw anorexia as a slow way to take my life.

I’d been afraid to release my inner pain, but those unexpressed feelings only kept me bound to anorexia. I had to take the risk and start letting out my feelings. I spent countless hours in tears and there were times I didn’t even know where the tears came from, but I knew I had to release them. I also spent countless hours writing in my journal. This was vital for me because as I wrote down my thoughts and feelings, I gained new insights and discovered thoughts and feelings I didn’t even realize I had. Eventually I found healing through those tear-stained pages. As I experienced more peace in my heart, I was less drawn to restricting as well as less concerned about my weight and body image. I wrote verses, quotes and other truthful statements on note cards in order to combat the lies and negative thoughts that only kept me in bondage. This was an effective way to change my thinking which led to changing my behavior.

A Picture of His Grace - My Anorexia Recovery Story by Laurie GlassI didn’t know how much to eat anymore. Therefore, I obtained a meal plan from a dietitian and learned to eat a healthy, balanced diet. I relied on the Lord to strengthen me and lead me to freedom.

Once I finally decided I truly wanted to break free of anorexia, I let him lead my journey. Without him, I wouldn’t have found the freedom I now embrace. It isn’t that he simply took the eating disorder away, not at all! Recovery still wasn’t easy, but it became possible. There’s definitely more to this story!

If you would like to read more about God’s amazing work in my recovery, you can get the e-book here.

Encouragement for Others

Set small, manageable goals in order to reach your long-term recovery goals. The very common all or nothing mindset doesn’t usually work well in recovery. This journey is completed one step at a time.

Arm yourself with truth and positive thoughts in order to combat the lies and negative thoughts that are keeping you in bondage. Be gentle with yourself. Learn from your slips and celebrate your victories.

More Eating Disorder Recovery Stories

Anorexia and Bulimia Recovery StoriesEach one uncovered and worked through underlying issues, faced fears, stumbled and fell, but got back up again. They took both forward and backward steps, and yet each one now lives in freedom. Each person has also offered some words of encouragement for you. Take it all in.

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