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Eating Disorder Recovery Journaling Pages

Eating Disorder Journaling PagesGetting Back Up






Articles to Share with Loved Ones

Eating Disorders – Helping Your Loved One

Eating Disorders – Praying for Your Loved One

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding Relapses

Talking to Loved Ones about Your Eating DisorderUse the “When You Look at Me” messages below to convey to those around you what you find difficult to put into words. Perhaps you want to tell someone that you are sincerely trying in your recovery, but that you need their support and prayers, or that as much as you want to recover, you find the recovery process is complicated and discouraging. May these messages help you to communicate your thoughts, your feelings, and your needs. Print them or perhaps just read them to help you put your concerns into your own words.

I Appreciate Your Concern

I Know I’ve Burdened You

Please Pray for Me

Recovery is a Process

This is What I Need from You

Underlying Issues and Recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes on Bookmarks

If you like quotes, you can get sets of quotes and verses on Note Cards, and you can also get the e-book, Quotes for Eating Disorder Recovery. Please note that the cards contain different quotes than the e-book.

Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes on BookmarksAlways Remember

In This Moment

In the Weary Moments

I Will Dream

I Will Face My Fears

Eating Disorder Songs

Christian Eating Disorder Recovery SongsFingerprints of God


Skin Deep

Beautiful Surprise


More Beautiful You


Eating Disorder Poems

Christian Eating Disorder PoemsFreedom’s Call

I Can’t Carry it Anymore

In His Strength