Q & A

Eating Disorder Recovery Course by Laurie GlassTo find answers to some of the questions you may have, below please find more information about the Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course. I hope you’ll find the answers you need. If not, you’ll find a link at the bottom of the page to e-mail your questions.

What stage of recovery do I need to be in to benefit from this course? Is it for beginners or for those who are further along?

This course is designed to benefit you in various stages of recovery. Since it’s self-paced, it’s up to you what you take from it.

If you’re in the beginning stages of recovery, please keep this in mind. There is a lot of material, but since it’s broken down into numbered points, and since you have permanent access to it, you can take in what you’re ready for and come back for more later. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming because you can take it at your own pace. Also, each lesson has a worksheet in the PDF file which is there to help you keep track of what parts of the lesson you’ve read and completed, so you can use that to keep track of where you left off in the lesson.

If you’re further along in recovery, please know this. The teachings, homework assignments, and journaling pages/questions are designed to help you be honest with what you think and feel deep down. You can use the lessons to delve into underlying issues.

Will I need to print a lot of material?

The amount of material you print will be up to you. In each lesson, the teaching, prayer, inspirational piece, and homework assignment will be on a web page so you will not need to print any of that.

In each lesson, the journaling page, journaling questions, note cards, coloring page, quiz, and worksheet will be in a PDF document. You can print the entire document or just the pages that interest you most.

To read and print the PDF documents, you will need Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it here free.

Do I have to buy the entire course?

While you may purchase the entire course at once, you don’t have to do so. You may purchase one lesson at a time. The course was designed this way to make it more affordable for you, so you can choose the lesson(s) you need most, and so you can try one lesson to determine if the course is a good fit for you.

Where else can you get a faith-based eating disorder recovery course AND have the option of buying it in affordable, doable sections instead of all or nothing?

In what order should I purchase/complete the lessons?

The way I have them listed on the Recovery Course page is a “suggested” order to complete them. However, each lesson is designed to stand alone, so you don’t have to do them in any particular sequence.

Do I have to have an eating disorder to benefit from this course?

No, you don’t have to have an eating disorder to benefit. If you have concerns about dealing with your emotions, changing your thoughts, inner healing, letting go of guilt and shame, seeing your identity in Christ, or forgiving others, there are key principles that can help you.

Is this course available in print or in e-book format?

No. This course is available here on the site. To access the lessons you purchase, all you need to do is log in whenever it’s convenient for you. Some of the material is in PDF format that you may print if you’d like.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is go to the “Register” link on the upper right of the site to create an account. Then purchase the lesson(s) you want, and you can access your materials whenever you like.

How do I access the material I purchased?

There are two ways you may access the course material.

If you remain logged in after purchasing, go to the Recovery Course page. The “Add to Cart” button will now say “View Lesson” for the lesson(s) you purchased.

For subsequent visits, use the “Log In” button on the upper right corner of the site. After you log in, you will see the “Account” page where there will be a link (or links) to the lesson(s) you purchased.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.