Note Cards


FREE eating disorder recovery quotes and verses to help you transform your recovery!

Inspirational Quotes and Verses to Help You:

•    Shout back to the eating disorder voice
•    Let go of guilt and shame
•    Trust God more with your journey
•    See your identity in Christ
•    Stay on track in your recovery
•    Face your fears and let go of control

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How Note Cards Can Help

Changing one’s thoughts is vital in eating disorder recovery. Just look at the promise in Rom. 12:2, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Notice the word transformed. That’s a powerful word. But being transformed is within your reach if you renew your mind, if you reject the lies of the enemy and the eating disorder voice and replace them with the truth. By changing your thoughts, you can also positively impact your emotions and change your behaviors. Imagine the significant progress you can make if you cling to truthful, positive, and healthy thoughts.

Use these note cards as a tool to support your recovery efforts and then experience the freedom truth can bring. “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

About the Author: Laurie Glass

Laurie Glass, author of Christian eating disorder recovery quotesRenewing the mind was one of the keys to Laurie’s eating disorder recovery. After she asked the Lord to steer her recovery, he led her to renew her mind. So she searched for Bible verses and quotes to write on note cards. She didn’t trust herself to recall the truth and positive statements in the moment she needed them, so she kept her note cards handy – some in her purse, some taped around her full length mirror. Note cards were a vital tool in Laurie’s recovery.

The eating disorder recovery quotes and Bible verses on these note cards are from Laurie’s other published works, including the Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course, and her books, Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders and Inspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery. The quotes are also taken from the many encouraging and inspirational messages she’s shared with others over the years.

About the Note Cards

Each set includes 32 cards as well as a bonus coloring page – an acronym, reinforcing the theme of the note cards. The cards are in PDF format that you can print and cut. Cutting out the cards and coloring in the acronym are activities you can do when you need a distraction. Find out more by reading the descriptions below and by watching this video.

You will need Adobe Reader to access the PDF files containing the note cards. You can download Adobe Reader free here.

If you like the note cards, you might also like my e-book, Quotes for Eating Disorder Recovery. Please note that it contains different quotes than those on the note cards.

Descriptions of the Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes and Verses on Note Cards

See Your Identity in ChristSee Your Identity in Christ – If you struggle with self-condemnation, perfectionism, or body image, use these cards to help change your perspective. Move from cutting yourself down, having unrealistic expectations, and obsessing about your appearance to focusing on who you are in God’s eyes. He gives you your true identity. Others’ opinions, your performance, and your appearance do not. Get them here.


Trust God to Lead Your RecoveryTrust God to Lead Your Recovery – If you’ve had a difficult time allowing God to lead your recovery, let the reassurances in the quotes and verses on these cards help build your faith. When you’re tempted to fear or doubt, pull out your cards and redirect your thoughts to the Lord. There’s no one more trustworthy, willing, or able to lead your recovery. Let these cards remind you of that. Get them here.


Let Go of Guilt and ShameLet Go of Guilt and Shame – Whether your guilt and shame are related to your eating disorder or other areas of your life, they don’t have to rule you anymore. You don’t have to carry these heavy weights indefinitely or let them drive you deeper into eating disorder behaviors. Use these quotes and Bible verses to leave guilt and shame in God’s restorative hands and walk away lighter. Get them here.


Experience Inner Healing & Practice ForgivenessExperience Inner Healing and Practice Forgiveness – Soothing Scriptures and quotes. Inner pain can be one of the factors that drives you to food-related behaviors. It takes time to heal, and sometimes forgiving others is a part of that healing process. No matter how deep or longstanding the pain, let these quotes and verses remind you that God’s healing touch has no limits. Get them here.


Face Your Fears and Let Go of ControlFace Your Fears and Let Go of Control – Redirect your thoughts to God’s love and promises. Perhaps you turn to food-related behaviors in an attempt to control something. Fear is closely related to that desire for control. Plus, a big part of recovery is facing your fears. But if focus on the Lord, you can build your faith and find strength to face your fears and temper your desire for control. Get them here.


Manage Relapses and Stay on Track in RecoveryManage Relapses and Stay on Track in Recovery – Recovery is complicated, so it’s hard to maintain resolve and stay on track. It’s easy to slip, or even fall into a full-blown relapse. This may happen many times in the course of recovery. Use the cards in this set to help you stay focused, put your setbacks behind you, and move forward stronger in your faith and in your recovery. Get them here.

These note cards are not a substitute for professional help. They are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of an eating disorder.