Christian books on eating disorders to support you in your recovery. With the exception of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders, which is available in both paperback and e-book format, the others are in e-book format only.

A Picture of His Grace - My Anorexia Recovery Story by Laurie GlassA Picture of His Grace – My Anorexia Recovery Story – During my six years with anorexia, I felt hopeless, controlled, and afraid. Angry with and distant from God, I also felt alone. Over time he drew me back to him, and I experienced his love and grace in a new way. He helped me change my thoughts, learn to express my emotions, increase my food intake, and more. I couldn’t have recovered without his help. This video tells more.

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Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders by Laurie Glass - Christian Book on Eating DisordersJourney to Freedom from Eating Disorders – Find discussions and biblical teachings about common recovery issues, including body image, control, inner healing, fear, perfectionism, identity in Christ, emotions and more. Answer the journaling questions honestly. Be inspired by the poems, essays, and prayers and encouraged by the personal notes from me to you. Scroll down to read some reviews. Watch this video to find out more.

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Bible Verses for Eating Disorder Recovery by Laurie GlassBible Verses for Eating Disorder Recovery – This e-book contains 125 Bible verses divided into 30 categories. Use it as a constant companion on your journey. Whether you feel guilty, worried or afraid, need healing or comfort from the Lord, or have a hard time seeing yourself through God’s eyes, you’ll find the scriptures you need. Invite the power of God’s word into your recovery! Here’s a short video with more detail.

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Quotes for Eating Disorder Recovery by Laurie GlassQuotes for Eating Disorder Recovery – Use these 55 quotes to help you change your thoughts. Recovery involves fighting the battle in the mind. Replacing lies with the truth, negative thoughts with positive thoughts, will help you win that battle. Let these words encourage and inspire you in your recovery. Experience the difference changing your thoughts can make. Here’s a short video with a few sample quotes.

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Journaling in Eating Disorder Recovery by Laurie GlassJournaling in Eating Disorder Recovery – Find journaling suggestions to help you get started and go deeper with journaling. You’ll also get 100 journaling questions divided into 22 different categories for easy reference, some of which can help you invite God to play a greater role in your recovery. Use journaling to help you address underlying issues and move forward in your recovery. Here’s a short video that tells more.

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Inspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery by Laurie GlassInspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery – Inspirational pieces, prayers, and poems touch you and keep you motivated in your recovery. These poems and descriptive essays will take you on an emotional journey. Let these unique and uplifting writings stimulate your faith in God and refresh your hope for recovery. Use the poems to put your concerns into words and invite God’s power into your recovery. This video tells more.

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What Others are Saying about Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders

Book Reviews of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders by Laurie Glass*I think this Christian eating disorder book is GREAT! The scripture references are really excellent – I love how each chapter in this Christian book is so focused on scripture, and you relate the words of the apostles and others in the Bible to one’s recovery so closely and so well. It’s really amazing. I also LOVE the “Love from Above” section of each chapter, and the prayers at the end, too.

Jen, former anorexic

*Your work is solid. I will be pleased to put this Christian book on the web resource list and will use some of it in my groups. Good job. May God bless your work in such a needed field.

Kimberly Davidson, MA, PCW, Pastoral Counselor, Coach, Author, Speaker – Olive Branch Outreach

*This Christian book on eating disorders is compassionate, real, and beautifully written as well as inspirational and moving. This book is absolutely amazing and powerful beyond words. From the time I opened the book, I could not put it down. The author, Laurie, who has personally overcome her own struggles with food offers every individual hope, and I also love the fact that Christian principles were incorporated into this because with God, everything is possible. I would recommend this book.

Anonymous recovering anorexic

*This Christian book on eating disorders is very well written. I especially like how you give application questions and how you offer a personal twist by giving the “personal messages”. It gives more of a feel of someone walking along beside someone who is in recovery.

Stephanie Lampman, Restored by Love Ministries

*Laurie, your text in this Christian book is amazing! It has helped me (and continues to do so) through so much spiritually and personally. What you mention in regard to perfectionism, body image, the promising quotes from the Bible, and so forth gives me strength! I have your book on my mobile device, and look at it almost daily! “As God’s creation, be careful not to expect any more or any less from yourself than He expects.” This is a quote, by you, which I try and keep close to me each night. This ailment is indeed one that all mankind can horrifically bare, not just women. It is also one that can attack individuals of all ages and descents. However, with God’s help, anyone can defeat this demon! Thank you!

Joshua, recovering anorexic/bulimic

*This is no ordinary Christian book on recovery. Laurie Glass not only shares her experiences and struggles with anorexic behavior, but gives positive support to anyone with similar struggles. This Christian book is very in-depth yet also very readable. Laurie gives constructive and practical advice, all with a generous amount of prayer and biblical support. However, in order to benefit from this book, the reader needs to have the will and desire to change their lives, something the author encourages from the very early chapters in the book.

Written in Laurie’s personal style, the reader is given a sense of encouragement and a positive knowledge that they don’t have to go through the restoration alone. There is a lot of information yet it is not overwhelming. Some details of her memories in this book are astonishing and paint a vivid picture of her world in the midst of her battle to find self-acceptance and respect.

Laurie is clearly well-read in general and in this field in particular. Her delightful talent for poetry writing enriches this book in addition to her beautifully-worded prayers and personal messages to the reader.

If you want to find freedom without the fear of rejection, Laurie’s book is a great starting place. This Christian book can be read as daily or weekly readings by chapter.

Chrissy Siggee – Author and publisher of the book, Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret

About the Author

Christian eating disorder ebooks As a recovered anorexic, I understand the ups and downs of the recovery process; I’ve known both victory and defeat. I’ve also spent countless hours online encouraging others who are experiencing something similar. I also have a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling.

These Christian books were written out of my personal experience as well as my experience walking with others in their recovery. I wanted to provide books that were both personal and practical. Let the truth of God’s Word fill your mind and sink into your heart as you allow Him a greater role in your recovery. He longs to help and heal you.