Clothes Shopping

Clothes Shopping in Eating Disorder RecoveryClothes shopping in eating disorder recovery may be a tough issue for you. Do you dread clothes shopping? Does it seem like everything you try on makes you look fat or doesn’t seem to fit your body type? Do you find that clothes shopping gets in the way of your eating disorder recovery?

Clothes shopping in eating disorder recovery is a challenge for sure. Buying clothes can be quite an anxiety-producing activity. It can cause someone fighting an eating disorder to struggle with body image, become discouraged in their recovery efforts or want to withdraw from others because they don’t feel comfortable in what they’re wearing.

When it comes to clothes shopping, perhaps it will help you a bit if you try some of the following things.

1. Take a supportive friend or family member with you. This individual can help you se the positive things about your appearance that you can’t see for yourself.

2. Do your best to focus on your health instead of your clothing size while clothes shopping. What good will wearing a new outfit in a smaller size be if you are too sick or weak to enjoy wearing it?

3. Try to concentrate on the colors you like more than on the size. Remember that just like there is more to you as a person than the number on the scale, there is also more to you than the clothing size you wear.

4. Keep in mind that clothing sizes vary from one brand to another. You deserve better than to let the number on a tag make you feel badly about yourself.

5. Ask God to help you see yourself through His eyes. Invite Him to go clothes shopping with you. Let Him help you to see the positive things about your appearance

While clothes shopping in eating disorder recovery is challenging, try to picture yourself leaving the eating disorder home if you can. Of course, like any of the components in eating disorder recovery, that’s way easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed

By Laurie Glass