Turning Points

Turning Points in Eating Disorder RecoveryThere are certain turning points in eating disorder recovery. These can vary from insightful “aha” moments to a serious health crisis. Turning points are the times or events during which a person may gain new insight into underlying issues or food-related behaviors. It could occur when a person finds motivation to recover, either for the sake of loved ones or even decides to do it for him/herself. A turning point could take place when the person realizes how the eating disorder is affecting his/her health and realizes that he/she wants to recover and to live. A turning point can also be an experience in one’s relationship with God.

These turning points in eating disorder recovery help an individual to do things like take recovery more seriously, renew resolve to break free of the eating disorder, reach out for more help and support, decides it’s time to truly let go of the eating disorder, or gain a new determination to do whatever it takes to recover.

While turning points can vary from one person to another, these are key times. If you have experienced a turning point yourself, write it down. Keep it readily accessible for the moments when you need the reminder. Reflecting on your turning point can help motivate and inspire you to move forward when you feel your resolve waning.

Make the most of any turning points you experience in your recovery. Embrace the times when you’ve gained the motivation, inspiration or determination to move forward in your recovery, and do your best to hang onto them. Sure, there may still be times that you want to give into old familiar patterns, but once you have turning points to look back to, you can use them to get back on track again.

By Laurie Glass