Sobering Moments

Sobering Moments in Eating Disorder RecoveryThere are certain sobering moments that occur during the eating disorder recovery process. During these moments, the seriousness of what we’re doing may hit us, we may learn something new about ourselves or we may be hit with the reality of how our actions are affecting those around us. Whatever they may be, these moments remain with us and cause us to take an honest look at where we are in our eating disorder recovery.

I remember a couple of my own sobering moments. One was when a co-worker said that if I lost any more weight, I would blow away. I didn’t realize the weight loss was noticeable to others. I guess since I still saw myself as fat, it didn’t seem that others would realize I was losing weight. Also, I was very careful to make sure no one would suspect that I was anorexic so her comment was unsettling to me.

Another sobering moment hit me hard. One of my co-workers at the time was a teenage girl who confided in me about restricting her food intake. She said, “I wish I was as skinny as you.” I remember thinking, “No, you don’t.” I didn’t want her to go through was I was experiencing in order to achieve the weight loss. I lived alone and none of my family or friends knew about the eating disorder. Therefore, what I was doing wasn’t affecting anyone else at the time. So hearing her say this really struck me. I didn’t want to cause anyone else to get trapped in an eating disorder like I was.

Their words echoed in my mind. These sobering moments helped me to see that others did notice and could potentially be affected by what I was doing.

Have you had some sobering moments? What have you done with them? Have they played a role in motivating you to recover from your eating disorder?

If you’ve had some sobering moments of your own, let these experiences lead you forward in your eating disorder recovery. I personally believe that moments like these aren’t coincidental. I think God sometimes uses them to lead us toward health.

Make the most of your sobering moments. Eating disorder recovery is tough so draw upon everything you can to help you stay focused. Remember these moments and let them lead you closer to freedom from your eating disorder.

By Laurie Glass