Freedom from Eating DisordersHello. I’m Laurie Glass. I’m glad you stopped by to look at this page. I hope you’re visiting this site often and finding encouragement and inspiration for your eating disorder recovery. I’d like to tell you more about how Freedom from Eating Disorders began.

I experienced adult onset of anorexia at age 32. I spent six years in the bondage of anorexia. None of my family or friends knew about it, I didn’t have the internet at the time, and there was no therapist in my area who treated people with eating disorders. Even so, with God’s help, I recovered in 2003. What he did in my life was beyond amazing. If you’re interested in reading more about God’s amazing work, you can get my recovery story here.

Since I recovered, I have since been passionate about helping others who are snagged in the bondage of eating disorders. I originally created Freedom from Eating Disorders in 2007. I know what it’s like to feel alone and not have needed help and support to go through the recovery process. While my resources are not a substitute for professional help, they are available to you at any time, wherever you live, in whatever stage of recovery you’re in at the moment. I am providing for you the resources that would have helped me, but were not available to me at the time of my own recovery.

Whether it’s the course, note cards, books, newsletter, articles, Christian recovery helps, or something else on this site that meets you where you are in your recovery, I hope you’ll utilize what fits you best. There is so much here, so please visit often and find what speaks to you for the day.

I hope you’ll listen to this brief message.

A little bit more about me. I have a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, and I love using my gifts to help others. I’ve said many times that there is no greater privilege in this life than to be involved in the work of a Holy God. I’ve worked in various fields over the years. In addition to doing Christian counseling, I have taught in a Christian school, worked with the elderly and disabled, and worked for an attorney. This was all before my health declined. Summer is my favorite season, roses are my favorite flower, and I enjoy watching figure skating. Oh, and I think it’s important to laugh every day, so I do!

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